(PART 1) - The First Church of Christ, Scientist
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APPENDIX TO PART I: As Chronicled by the Newspapers
page 596

MY 95

Christian Science would soon be included among the cults
which flourish for a time like a green bay-tree, and are
then forgotten.  Those predictions have not been verified.
The church which has been built upon the tenets first
presented by Mrs. Eddy is being constantly strengthened
by members who represent the intelligence of many
communities in different parts of the world.

exican Herald, City of Mexico, Mex.]

   The dedication of the magnificent Christian Science
church in Boston has brought that cheerful and prosperous
body of believers before the press gallery of
commentators.  They have built a huge church, which has
cost them about two million dollars, and it has a dome
which rivals that of the famous old Massachusetts State
House.  During the great assembly of forty thousand
Christian Scientists in Boston they were described in the
newspapers of the Hub as a contented and well-dressed
body of people.
   The faith of these people is certainly great.  They go
about telling of miracles performed in this twentieth century
when "advanced" clergymen of other denominations
are avowing their disbelief in the miraculous.
   The higher critics and the men of science may think
they can banish faith in the supernatural, but no religion
of growth and vitality exists without faith in the things

andusky (Ohio) Star-Journal]

   It is doubtful if, since the days of the primitive Christians,
there has been such a wonderful demonstration of
religious faith and enlightened zeal as that exhibited at

MY 96

Boston, Sunday, when forty thousand Christian Scientists
from all parts of the world assembled to participate in
the dedication of the extension of The Mother Church
of that denomination.  These people were of the highest
order of intelligence, many of them prominent figures in
the social and business world, and none of them afflicted
with the slightest trace of fanaticism.  The gathering
can in no sense, save one, be compared with those of
Mecca and the Hindu shrines, where fanaticism dominates
everything else.  The one point of resemblance is
that the Christian Scientists are thoroughly in earnest
and take joy in attesting their faith in the creed of the
church of their choice.  It is a faith based upon reason,
and reached only through intelligent and unbiased
study and comparison with other creeds.
   A remarkable feature, perhaps the most remarkable, of
the gathering was the generosity of its adherents towards
their church.  The building they were in Boston to dedicate
cost approximately two million dollars.  Members
were invited to contribute what they could to pay for it.
The money was sent in such quantities that before the day
set for the dedication arrived the fund was full to overflowing
and the members were asked to quit giving.

eoria (Ill.) Journal]

   It is the custom to sneer at Christian Science, but it is
evident that the cult will soon be beyond the sneering
point.  The dedication of what is known as The Mother
Church extension in Boston, the other day, was attended
by people from all parts of the United States.  And they
were people of intelligence.
   The fact is that Christian Science just goes a little

MY 97

beyond what almost every one is inclined to admit.  The
best physicians now admit the power of mind over matter.
They believe that firm faith on the part of a sick person,
for instance, will go far towards making the patient
well.  These same physicians, however, ridicule the idea
of a patient getting well without the use of medicine.

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