(PART 1) - The First Church of Christ, Scientist
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APPENDIX TO PART I: As Chronicled by the Newspapers
page 597

It has yet to be shown that of the sick who abjure
medicine a larger proportion have died than among
those who were medically treated.  The Journal has
kept no books on the subject, and is not a Christian
Scientist, but believes that if the figures could be given
they might show that the Scientists have a little the
advantage so far as this goes.

ebraska State Journal, Lincoln, Neb.]

   Zion's Herald, a rather bitter critic of Mrs. Eddy and
her cult, speaks of "the audacious, stupendous, inexplicable
faith of this well-dressed, good-looking, eminently
respectable, evidently wealthy congregation in
their teacher and her utterances."  The opening of the
new Mother Church of the Christian Science faith
at Boston has opened the eyes of the country anew to
the growth of the new church and the zeal of its

thol (Mass.) Transcript]

   The Christian Scientists who descended upon Boston
to the number of forty thousand last week to dedicate the
new temple, just built at a cost of two million dollars, have
mostly departed, but Boston has not yet recovered from
the effects produced by that stupendous gathering.  The
incidents witnessed during the week were calculated to

MY 98

impress the most determined skeptic.  Forty thousand
people truly make up a mighty host, but these, it is declared,
are but a twentieth of the Christian Science army
in this country to-day, and this is the wonderful growth
of less than a score of years.  Christian Science may be
anything that its foes try to prove it to be, but that magnificent
church, holding five thousand people, dedicated
free from debt, and the centre of an enthusiasm and reverence
of worship such as religious annals hardly parallel
in modern times, is a tangible reality, and critics who
seek the light must have done with scoffs and jeers if
they would deal with the phenomenon with any effect.

ortland (Ore.) Telegram]

   The last issue of the Christian Science Sentinel contains
a rather remarkable announcement to the effect that
friends were requested to send no more money for the
building of the church which was recently dedicated at
Boston.  This structure cost about two million dollars,
and all of the funds required to build it were raised in a
little less than three years.  It was dedicated absolutely
free of debt, and no member of the church anywhere,
in this country or elsewhere, was asked to contribute a
dollar.  Contributions were entirely voluntary.  No resort
was had to any of the latter-day methods of raising
money.  The record is one of which any church might
well be proud.

ortland (Me.) Advertiser]

   The erection in Boston of the two-million-dollar church
of the Christian Scientists and its dedication free from
debt has been a wonderful achievement, but as our contemporary,

MY 99

the Boston Times, comments, it is but one of
the marvellous, great, and really good things that this
sect is doing.  It says: "A faith which is able to raise
its believers above the suffering of petty ills; a religion
that makes the merry heart that doeth good like a
medicine, not a necessity, but a pleasure and an essential;
a cult able to promote its faith with so great an
aggregation of good and beneficial works, is welcomed
within our midst and bidden Godspeed."

enver (Col.) Republican]

   Christian Scientists are a remarkably optimistic body
of people, and it must be said in their behalf that they
are enthusiasts whenever their form of religion is
concerned.  They have recently built a splendid cathedral in

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