(PART 1) - The First Church of Christ, Scientist
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APPENDIX TO PART I: As Chronicled by the Newspapers
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Boston, seating five thousand people, at a cost of two
million dollars, and when it was dedicated there was not a
cent of indebtedness left.  Thirty thousand of the faith,
coming from all parts of the world, attended the dedicatory
exercises, and the press reports state that the contribution
baskets when passed around were literally stuffed and
jammed with money.
   Less than a generation ago there was not a Christian
Science church in the land.  To-day there are hundreds
of such churches.  The denomination has grown with a
rapidity that is startling, and the end is not yet.

ridgeport (Conn.) Standard]

   Facts and figures are stubborn things, and ignore them
as we may their existence points out their meaning and
leaves no choice but the acceptance of them at their
face value.  The recent dedication of a Christian Science

MY 100

temple in Boston has inevitably brought out in connection
with the event some of the facts and figures belonging to
it, which are as remarkable in their aggregate as they are
unmistakable in their trend.  The temple recently dedicated
at Boston cost about two million dollars and is
therefore the property of no poverty-stricken sect.  On
the Sunday of the dedication, thirty thousand worshippers
were present in the building, coming from all, or nearly
all, parts of the country, and representing a vast number
of the followers of the cult.
   It is only twenty-five years, or thereabout, since the
Christian Science sect made its appearance as a distinctive
organization among religious bodies, but its
members are numbered by thousands to-day, and they
are very generally of a class who are reputable, intelligent,
and who think for themselves.

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