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CHAPTER I: To the Christian World
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incurable because the lungs were mostly consumed.  I
healed malignant diphtheria and carious bones that could
be dented by the finger, saving the limbs when the surgeon's
instruments were lying on the table ready for their
amputation.  I have healed at one visit a cancer that had
eaten the flesh of the neck and exposed the jugular vein
so that it stood out like a cord.  I have physically restored
sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, speech to the dumb,
and have made the lame walk.
   About the year 1869, I was wired to attend the patient
of a distinguished M.D., the late Dr. Davis of Manchester,
N. H.  The patient was pronounced dying of pneumonia,
and was breathing at intervals in agony.  Her physician,
who stood by her bedside, declared that she could not live.
On seeing her immediately restored by me without material
aid, he asked earnestly if I had a work describing
my system of healing.  When answered in the negative,
he urged me immediately to write a book which should
explain to the world my curative system of metaphysics.
In the ranks of the M.D.'s are noble men and women,
and I love them; but they must refrain from persecuting
and misrepresenting a system of medicine which from
personal experience I have proved to be more certain

MY 106

and curative in functional and organic diseases than any
material method.  I admonish Christian Scientists either
to speak charitably of all mankind or to keep silent, for
love fulfils divine law and without this proof of love
mental practice were profitless.
   The list of cases healed by me could be made to include
hopeless organic diseases of almost every kind.  I name
those mentioned above simply to show the folly of believing
that the immutable laws of omnipotent Mind have not
power over and above matter in every mode and form, and
the folly of the cognate declaration that Christian Science
is limited to imaginary diseases!  On the contrary, Christian
Science has healed cases that I assert it would have
been impossible for the surgeon or materia medica to cure.
Without Mind, man and the universe would collapse;
the winds would weary, and the world stand still.  It is
already proved that Christian Science rests on the basis of
fixed Principle, and overcomes the evidence of diseased
sensation.  Human mentality, expressed in disease, sin,
and death, in tempest and in flood, the divine Mind calms
and limits with a word.
   In what sense is the Christian Scientist a "pest"?  Is it
because he minds his own business more than does the
average man, is not a brawler, an alcohol drinker, a
tobacco user, a profane swearer, an adulterer, a fornicator,
nor a dishonest politician or business man?  Or is it
because he is the very antipode of all these?  In what
sense is the Christian Scientist a charlatan?  Is it because
he heals the sick without drugs?
   Our great Exemplar, the Nazarene Prophet, healed
through Mind, and commanded his followers to do
likewise.  The prophets and apostles and the Christians in

MY 107

the first century healed the sick as a token of their
Christianity.  Has Christianity improved upon its earlier
records, or has it retrograded?  Compare the lives of its
professors with those of its followers at the beginning of
the Christian era, and you have the correct answer.
   As a pertinent illustration of the general subject under
discussion, I will cite a modern phase of medical practice,
namely, the homoeopathic system, to which the old school
has become reconciled.  Here I speak from experience.
In homoeopathy, the one thousandth attenuations and
the same triturations of medicine have not an iota of the

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