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CHAPTER I: To the Christian World
page 602

drug left in them, and the lower attenuations have so
little that a vial full of the pellets can be swallowed without
harm and without appreciable effect.  Yet the homoeopathist
administers half a dozen or less of these same
globules, and he tells you, and you believe him, that
with these pellets he heals the sick.  The diminishing of
the drug does not disprove the efficiency of the homoeopathic
system.  It enhances its efficiency, for it identifies
this system with mind, not matter, and places it nearer the
grooves of omnipotence.  O petty scorner of the infinite,
wouldst thou mock God's miracles or scatter the shade of
one who "shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty"?
If, as Scripture declares, God made all that was made,
then whatever is entitled to a classification as truth
or science must be comprised in a knowledge or understanding
of God, for there can be nothing beyond
illimitable divinity.
   The homoeopathist handles in his practice and heals the
most violent stages of organic and inflammatory diseases,
stops decomposition, removes enteritis, gastritis, hyperaemia,
pneumonia, diphtheria, and ossification - the effects

MY 108

of calcareous salts formed by carbonate and sulphate of
lime; and the homoeopathic physician succeeds as well in
healing his cases without drugs as does the allopath who
depends upon drugs.  Then is mind or matter the intelligent
cause in pathology?  If matter, I challenge matter
to act apart from mind; and if mind, I have proved beyond
cavil that the action of the divine Mind is salutary and
potent in proportion as it is seen to act apart from matter.
Hence our Master's saying, "The flesh profiteth nothing."
The difference between metaphysics in homoeopathy and
metaphysics in Christian Science consists in this forcible
fact:  the former enlists faith in the pharmacy of the
human mind, and the latter couples faith with spiritual
understanding and is based on the law of divine Mind.
Christian Science recognizes that this Mind is the only
lawgiver, omnipotent, infinite, All.  Hence the divine
Mind is the sovereign appeal, and there is nothing in
the divine Mind to attenuate.  The more of this Mind
the better for both physician and patient.
   Ignorance, slang, and malice touch not the hem of the
garment of Christian Scientists, for if they did once touch
it, they would be destroyed.  To be stoned for that which
our Master designated as his best work, saying, "For
which of those works do ye stone me," is to make known
the best work of a Christian Scientist.
   Finally, beloved brethren in Christ, the words of the
New York press - "Mrs. Eddy not shaken" - are valid.
I remain steadfast in St. Paul's faith, and will close with
his own words: "Christ is the head of the church:  and he
is the saviour of the body."

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