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CHAPTER II: The Christian Science Textbook
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CHAPTER II: The Christian Science Textbook

   Matter is but the subjective state of mortal mind.
Matter has no more substance and reality in our
day-dreams than it has in our night-dreams.  All the way
mortals are experiencing the Adam-dream of mind in
matter, the dream which is mortal and God-condemned
and which is not the spiritual fact of being.  When this
scientific classification is understood, we shall have one
Mind, one God, and we shall obey the commandment,
"Love thy neighbor as thyself."
   If nineteen hundred years ago Christ taught his followers
to heal the sick, he is to-day teaching them the
same heavenly lesson.  Christ is "the same yesterday,
and to-day, and forever."  "God is Love," the ever-operative
divine Principle (or Person, if you please) whose
person is not corporeal, not finite.  This infinite Person
we know not of by the hearing of the ear, yet we may
sometimes say with Job, "But now mine eye piritual
sense] seeth Thee."
   God is one because God is All.  Therefore there can
be but one God, one Christ.  We are individually but
specks in His universe, the reflex images of this divine
Life, Truth, and Love, in whom "we live, and move,
and have our being."  Divine metaphysics is not to
be scoffed at; it is Truth with us, God "manifest in the
flesh," not alone by miracle and parable, but by proof;

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it is the divine nature of God, which belongs not to a
dispensation now ended, but is ever present, casting out
evils, healing the sick, and raising the dead - resurrecting
individuals buried above-ground in material sense.
   At the present time this Bethlehem star looks down
upon the long night of materialism, - material religion,
material medicine, a material world; and it shines as of
yore, though it "shineth in darkness; and the darkness
comprehended it not."  But the day will dawn and
the daystar will appear, lighting the gloom, guiding the
steps of progress from molecule and mortals outward and
upward in the scale of being.
   Hidden electrical forces annihilating time and space,
wireless telegraphy, navigation of the air; in fact, all the
et cetera of mortal mind pressing to the front, remind me
of my early dreams of flying in airy space, buoyant with
liberty and the luxury of thought let loose, rising higher
and forever higher in the boundless blue.  And what of
reality, if waking to bodily sensation is real and if bodily
sensation makes us captives?  The night thought, methinks,
should unfold in part the facts of day, and open
the prison doors and solve the blind problem of matter.
The night thought should show us that even mortals
can mount higher in the altitude of being.  Mounting
higher, mortals will cease to be mortal.  Christ will have
"led captivity captive," and immortality will have been
brought to light.
   Robert Ingersoll's attempt to convict the Scriptures of
inconsistency made his life an abject failure.  Happily,
the misquoting of "Science and Health with Key to the
Scriptures," or quoting sentences or paragraphs torn from
their necessary contexts, may serve to call attention to

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that book, and thus reveal truths which otherwise the
reader would not have sought.  Surely "the wrath of man
shall praise Thee."
   The nature and truth of Christian Science cannot
be destroyed by false psychics, crude theories or modes
of metaphysics.  Our master Metaphysician, the Galilean
Prophet, had much the same class of minds to deal with
as we have in our time.  They disputed his teachings on

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