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CHAPTER II: The Christian Science Textbook
page 604

practically the same grounds as are now assumed by many
doctors and lawyers, but he swept away their illogical
syllogisms as chaff is separated from the wheat.  The
genuine Christian Scientist will tell you that he has found
the physical and spiritual status of a perfect life through
his textbook.
   The textbook of Christian Science maintains primitive
Christianity, shows how to demonstrate it, and throughout
is logical in premise and in conclusion.  Can Scientists
adhere to it, establish their practice of healing on
its basis, become successful healers and models of good
morals, and yet the book itself be absurd and unscientific?
Is not the tree known by its fruit?  Did Jesus mistake
his mission and unwittingly misguide his followers?  Were
the apostles absurd and unscientific in adhering to his
premise and proving that his conclusion was logical
and divine?
   "The scientific statement of being" (Science and Health,
p. 468) may irritate a certain class of professionals
who fail to understand it, and they may pronounce it
absurd, ambiguous, unscientific.  But that Christian
Science is valid, simple, real, and self-evident, thousands
upon thousands attest with their individual
demonstrations.  They have themselves been healed and have

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healed others by means of the Principle of Christian
Science.  Science has always been first met with
denunciations.  A fiction or a false philosophy flourishes for a
time where Science gains no hearing.  The followers of the
Master in the early Christian centuries did just what he
enjoined and what Christian Science makes practical to-day
to those who abide in its teachings and build on its
chief corner-stone.  Our religious denominations interpret
the Scriptures to fit a doctrine, but the doctrines taught
by divine Science are founded squarely and only on the
   "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" is not
inconsistent in a single instance with its logical premise
and conclusion, and ninety-nine out of every hundred
of its readers - honest, intelligent, and scholarly - will
tell you this.  The earnest student of this book, understanding
it, demonstrates in some degree the truth of its
statements, and knows that it contains a Science which
is demonstrable when understood, and which is fully
understood when demonstrated.  That Christian Scientists,
because of their uniformly pure morals and noble
lives, are better representatives of Christian Science
than the textbook itself, is not in accordance with the
Scriptures.  The tree is known by its fruit.  The student
of this book will tell you that his higher life is the result
of his conscientious study of Science and Health in connection
with the Bible.
   A book that through the good it does has won its
way into the palaces of emperors and kings, into the
home of the President of the United States, into the chief
cities and the best families in our own and in foreign
lands, a book which lies beside the Bible in hundreds

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of pulpits and in thousands of homes, which heals the
sick and reclaims sinners in court and in cottage, is
not less the evangel of Christian Science than is he
who practises the teachings of this book or he who
studies it and thereby is healed of disease.  Can such a
book be ambiguous, self-contradictory, or unprofitable
to mankind?
   St. Paul was a follower but not an immediate disciple
of our Lord, and Paul declares the truth of the complete
system of Christian Science in these brief sentences:
"There is therefore now no condemnation to them which
are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after

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