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CHAPTER II: The Christian Science Textbook
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the Spirit.  For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus
hath made me free from the law of sin and death."  Was
it profane for St. Paul to aspire to this knowledge of Christ
and its demonstration, healing sin and sickness, because
he was not a disciple of the personal Jesus?  Nay, verily.
Neither is it presumptuous or unscriptural or vain for
another, a suckling in the arms of divine Love, to perfect
His praise.
   A child will demonstrate Christian Science and have
a clear perception of it.  Then, is Christian Science a
cold, dull abstraction, or is that unscientific which
all around us is demonstrated on a fixed Principle and
a given rule, - when, in proportion as this Principle
and rule are understood, men are found casting out
the evils of mortal thought, healing the sick, and uplifting
human consciousness to a more spiritual life and
love?  The signs of the times emphasize the answer
to this in the rapid and steady advancement of this Science
among the scholarly and titled, the deep thinkers,
the truly great men and women of this age.  In the

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words of the Master, "Can ye not discern the signs of
the times?"
   Christian Science teaches:  Owe no man; be temperate;
abstain from alcohol and tobacco; be honest, just, and
pure; cast out evil and heal the sick; in short, Do unto
others as ye would have others do to you.
   Has one Christian Scientist yet reached the maximum
of these teachings?  And if not, why point the
people to the lives of Christian Scientists and decry the
book which has moulded their lives?  Simply because
the treasures of this textbook are not yet uncovered
to the gaze of many men, the beauty of holiness is not
yet won.
   My first writings on Christian Science began with notes
on the Scriptures.  I consulted no other authors and read
no other book but the Bible for about three years.  What
I wrote had a strange coincidence or relationship with the
light of revelation and solar light.  I could not write these
notes after sunset.  All thoughts in the line of Scriptural
interpretation would leave me until the rising of the sun.
Then the influx of divine interpretation would pour in
upon my spiritual sense as gloriously as the sunlight on the
material senses.  It was not myself, but the divine power
of Truth and Love, infinitely above me, which dictated
"Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures."  I
have been learning the higher meaning of this book since
writing it.
   Is it too much to say that this book is leavening
the whole lump of human thought?  You can trace its
teachings in each step of mental and spiritual progress,
from pulpit and press, in religion and ethics, and find
these progressive steps either written or indicated in the

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book.  It has mounted thought on the swift and mighty
chariot of divine Love, which to-day is circling the
whole world.
   I should blush to write of "Science and Health with
Key to the Scriptures" as I have, were it of human origin,
and were I, apart from God, its author.  But, as I was
only a scribe echoing the harmonies of heaven in divine
metaphysics, I cannot be super-modest in my estimate of
the Christian Science textbook.

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