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   My Dear Sir: - I beg to thank you for your most
excellent letter.  It is an outpouring of goodness and
greatness with which you honor me.
   In a call upon my person, you would not see me, for
spiritual sense demands and commands us; hence I seek
to be "absent from the body," and such circumstances
embarrass the higher criticism.
   The Scripture reads: "Blessed are they that have not
seen, and yet have believed."  A saving faith comes
not of a person, but of Truth's presence and power.
Soul, not sense, receives and gives it.  One's voluntary
withdrawal from society, from furnishing the demands
upon the finite to supply the blessings of the infinite, -
something impossible in the Science of God and credited
only by human belief, by a material and not by the
spiritual sense of man, - should come from conscience.
   The doctrine of Buddha, which rests on a heathen basis
for its Nirvana, represents not the divinity of Christian
Science, in which Truth, or Christ, finds its paradise in
Spirit, in the consciousness of heaven within us - health,
harmony, holiness, entirely apart from limitations, which
would dwarf individuality in personality and couple evil

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with good.  It is convenient for history to record limitations
and to regard evil as real, but it is impossible
in Science to believe this, or on such a basis to demonstrate
the divine Principle of that which is real, harmonious,
and eternal - that which is based on one infinite
God, and man, His idea, image, and likeness.
   In Science, we learn that man is not absorbed in the
divine nature, but is absolved by it.  Man is free from
the flesh and is individual in consciousness - in Mind,
not in matter.  Think not that Christian Science tends
towards Buddhism or any other "ism."  Per contra,
Christian Science destroys such tendency.  Mary of old
wept because she stooped down and looked into the sepulchre
- looked for the person, instead of the Principle that
reveals Christ.  The Mary of to-day looks up for Christ,
away from the supposedly crucified to the ascended
Christ, to the Truth that "healeth all thy diseases" and
gives dominion over all the earth.  The doubting disciple
could not identify Christ spiritually, but he could
materially.  He turned to the person, to the prints of the nails,
to prove Christ, whereas the discharged evidence of material
sense gave the real proof of his Saviour, the veritable
Christ, Truth, which destroys the false sense with the
evidence of Soul, immortality, eternal Life without beginning
or end of days.
   Should I give myself the pleasant pastime of seeing your
personal self, or give you the opportunity of seeing mine,
you would not see me thus, for I am not there.  I
have risen to look and wait and watch and pray for the
spirit of Truth that leadeth away from person - from
body to Soul, even to the true image and likeness of
God.  St. John found Christ, Truth, in the Word which

MY 120

is God.  We look for the sainted Revelator in his writings,
and there we find him.  Those who look for me in
person, or elsewhere than in my writings, lose me instead
of find me.  I hope and trust that you and I may
meet in truth and know each other there, and know
as we are known of God.
   Accept my gratitude for the chance you give me to
answer your excellent letter.  Forgive, if it needs forgiveness,
my honest position.  Bear with me the burden of
discovery and share with me the bliss of seeing the risen

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