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   My Beloved Brethren: - I have suggested a
change in the time for holding our semi-annual
church meetings, in order to separate these sessions
from the excitement and commotion of the season's
   In metaphysics we learn that the strength of peace
and of suffering is sublime, a true, tried mental conviction
that is neither tremulous nor relapsing.  This
strength is like the ocean, able to carry navies, yet
yielding to the touch of a finger.  This peace is spiritual;
never selfish, stony, nor stormy, but generous, reliable,
helpful, and always at hand.
   Peace, like plain dealing, is somewhat out of fashion.
Yet peace is desirable, and plain dealing is a jewel as beautiful
as the gems that adorn the Christmas ring presented
to me by my students in 1897.  Few blemishes can be
found in a true character, for it is always a diamond of the
first water; but external gentility and good humor may
be used to disguise internal vulgarity and villainy.  No
deformity exists in honesty, and no vulgarity in kindness.
Christian Science, however, adds to these graces, and
reflects the divine likeness.
   Self-denial is practical, and is not only polite to all
but is pleasant to those who practise it.  If one would

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follow the advice that one gratuitously bestows on
others, this would create for one's self and for the world
a destiny more grand than can issue from the brain of
a dreamer.
   That glory only is imperishable which is fixed in one's
own moral make-up.
   Sin is like a dock root.  To cut off the top of a plant
does no good; the roots must be eradicated or the plant
will continue to grow.  Now I am done with homilies
and, you may add, with tedious prosaics.
   On the fifth of July last, my church tempted me tenderly
to be proud!  The deportment of its dear members
was such as to command respect everywhere.  It called
forth flattering comment and created surprise in our good
city of Concord.
   Beloved brethren, another Christmas has come and gone.
Has it enabled us to know more of the healing Christ that
saves from sickness and sin?  Are we still searching diligently
to find where the young child lies, and are we satisfied
to know that our sense of Truth is not demoralized,
finitized, cribbed, or cradled, but has risen to grasp the
spiritual idea unenvironed by materiality?  Can we say
with the angels to-day: "He is risen; he is not here:
behold the place where they laid him"?  Yes, the real
Christian Scientist can say his Christ is risen and is not
the material Christ of creeds, but is Truth, even as Jesus
declared; and the sense of Truth of the real Christian
Scientist is spiritualized to behold this Christ, Truth,
again healing the sick and saving sinners.  The mission
of our Master was to all mankind, and included the very
hearts that rejected it - that refused to see the power
of Truth in healing.

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   Our unity and progress are proverbial, and this church's
gifts to me are beyond comparison - they have become
a wonder!  To me, however, love is the greater marvel,
so I must continue to prize love even more than the gifts
which would express it.  The great guerdon of divine
Love, which moves the hearts of men to goodness and
greatness, will reward these givers, and this encourages
me to continue to urge the perfect model for your acceptance
as the ultimate of Christian Science.
   To-day in Concord, N. H., we have a modest hall in one

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