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spontaneously upward, and whispers to the breeze man's
inalienable birthright - Liberty.  "Where the Spirit of
the Lord is, there is liberty."  God is everywhere.  No
crown nor sceptre nor rulers rampant can quench the vital
heritage of freedom - man's right to adopt a religion,
to employ a physician, to live or to die according to the
dictates of his own rational conscience and enlightened
understanding.  Men cannot punish a man for suicide;
God does that.
   Christian Scientists abide by the laws of God and the
laws of the land; and, following the command of the
Master, they go into all the world, preaching the gospel
and healing the sick.  Therefore be wise and harmless, for
without the former the latter were impracticable.  A lack
of wisdom betrays Truth into the hands of evil as effectually
as does a subtle conspirator; the motive is not as
wicked, but the result is as injurious.  Return not evil for
evil, but "overcome evil with good."  Then, whatever
the shaft aimed at you or your practice may be, it will
fall powerless, and God will reward your enemies according
to their works.  Watch, and pray daily that evil
suggestions, in whatever guise, take no root in your
thought nor bear fruit.  Ofttimes examine yourselves, and

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see if there be found anywhere a deterrent of Truth and
Love, and "hold fast that which is good."
   I reluctantly foresee great danger threatening our nation,
- imperialism, monopoly, and a lax system of
religion.  But the spirit of humanity, ethics, and Christianity
sown broadcast - all concomitants of Christian Science
- is taking strong hold of the public thought throughout
our beloved country and in foreign lands, and is
tending to counteract the trend of mad ambition.
   There is no night but in God's frown; there is no day
but in His smile.  The oracular skies, the verdant earth
- bird, brook, blossom, breeze, and balm - are richly
fraught with divine reflection.  They come at Love's call.
The nod of Spirit is nature's natal.
   And how is man, seen through the lens of Spirit,
enlarged, and how counterpoised his origin from dust,
and how he presses to his original, never severed
from Spirit!  O ye who leap disdainfully from this rock
of ages, return and plant thy steps in Christ, Truth,
"the stone which the builders rejected"!  Then will
angels administer grace, do thy errands, and be thy
dearest allies.  The divine law gives to man health
and life everlasting - gives a soul to Soul, a present
harmony wherein the good man's heart takes hold on
heaven, and whose feet can never be moved.  These
are His green pastures beside still waters, where faith
mounts upward, expatiates, strengthens, and exults.
   Lean not too much on your Leader.  Trust God to
direct your steps.  Accept my counsel and teachings only
as they include the spirit and the letter of the Ten Commandments,
the Beatitudes, and the teachings and
example of Christ Jesus.  Refrain from public controversy;

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correct the false with the true - then leave the
latter to propagate.  Watch and guard your own thoughts
against evil suggestions and against malicious mental
malpractice, wholly disloyal to the teachings of Christian
Science.  This hidden method of committing crime -
socially, physically, and morally - will ere long be unearthed
and punished as it deserves.  The effort of
disloyal students to blacken me and to keep my works
from public recognition - students seeking only public
notoriety, whom I have assisted pecuniarily and striven to
uplift morally - has been made too many times and has

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