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failed too often for me to fear it.  The spirit of Truth is
the lever which elevates mankind.  I have neither the
time nor the inclination to be continually pursuing a lie
- the one evil or the evil one.  Therefore I ask the help
of others in this matter, and I ask that according to
the Scriptures my students reprove, rebuke, and exhort.
A lie left to itself is not so soon destroyed as it is with
the help of truth-telling.  Truth never falters nor fails;
it is our faith that fails.
   All published quotations from my works must have
the author's name added to them.  Quotation-marks are
not sufficient.  Borrowing from my copyrighted works,
without credit, is inadmissible.  But I need not say this
to the loyal Christian Scientist - to him who keeps
the commandments.  "Science and Health with Key to
the Scriptures" has an enormous strain put upon it,
being used as a companion to the Bible in all your
public ministrations, as teacher and as the embodiment
and substance of the truth that is taught; hence
my request, that you borrow little else from it, should
seem reasonable.

MY 131

   Beloved, that which purifies the affections also strengthens
them, removes fear, subdues sin, and endues with
divine power; that which refines character at the same
time humbles, exalts, and commands a man, and obedience
gives him courage, devotion, and attainment.  For this
hour, for this period, for spiritual sacrament, sacrifice,
and ascension, we unite in giving thanks.  For the body
of Christ, for the life that we commemorate and would
emulate, for the bread of heaven whereof if a man eat
"he shall live forever," for the cup red with loving restitution,
redemption, and inspiration, we give thanks.  The
signet of the great heart, given to me in a little symbol,
seals the covenant of everlasting love.  May apostate
praise return to its first love, above the symbol seize the
spirit, speak the "new tongue" - and may thought soar
and Soul be.

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