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   I am pleased to say that the following members constitute
the Board of Trustees who own my property: -

   1.  The Hon. Henry M. Baker, who won a suit at
law in Washington, D. C., for which it is alleged he
was paid the highest fee ever received by a native of
New Hampshire.
   2.  Archibald McLellan, editor-in-chief of the Christian
Science periodicals, circulating in the five grand divisions
of our globe; also in Canada, Australia, etc.
   3.  Josiah E. Fernald, justice of the peace and president
of the National State Capital Bank, Concord, N. H.

   To my aforesaid Trustees I have committed the hard
earnings of my pen, - the fruits of honest toil, the labor
that is known by its fruits, - benefiting the human race;
and I have so done that I may have more peace, and time
for spiritual thought and the higher criticism.
                                        Mary Baker Eddy
  Pleasant View, Concord, N. H.,
  April 3, 1907

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