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   The following affidavit, in the form of a letter from
Mrs. Eddy to Judge Robert N. Chamberlin of the Superior
Court, was filed in the office of the Clerk of the Court,
Saturday, May 18.  The Boston Globe, referring to this
document, speaks of it as, "in the main, an example of
crisp, clear, plain-speaking English."  The entire letter is
in Mrs. Eddy's own handwriting and is characteristic in
both substance and penmanship: -

  Hon. Judge Chaimberlin, Concord, N.H.

   Respected Sir: - It is over forty years that I have
attended personally to my secular affairs, to my income,
investments, deposits, expenditures, and to my
employees.  I have personally selected all my investments,
except in one or two instances, and have paid for
the same.
   The increasing demands upon my time, labors, and
thought, and yearning for more peace and to have my
property and affairs carefully taken care of for the
persons and purposes I have designated by my last will,
influenced me to select a Board of Trustees to take charge
of my property; namely, the Hon. Henry M. Baker,
Mr. Archibald McLellan, Mr. Josiah E. Fernald.  I
had contemplated doing this before the present proceedings
were brought or I knew aught about them, and I
had consulted Lawyer Streeter about the method.
   I selected said Trustees because I had implicit confidence
in each one of them as to honesty and business
capacity.  No person influenced me to make this
selection.  I find myself able to select the Trustees I need

MY 138

without the help of others.  I gave them my property to
take care of because I wanted it protected and myself
relieved of the burden of doing this.  They have agreed
with me to take care of my property and I consider this
agreement a great benefit to me already.
   This suit was brought without my knowledge and is
being carried on contrary to my wishes.  I feel that it
is not for my benefit in any way, but for my injury,
and I know it was not needed to protect my person or
property.  The present proceedings test my trust in
divine Love.  My personal reputation is assailed and
some of my students and trusted personal friends are
cruelly, unjustly, and wrongfully accused.
   Mr. Calvin A. Frye and other students often ask me
to receive persons whom I desire to see but decline to
receive solely because I find that I cannot "serve two
masters."  I cannot be a Christian Scientist except I
leave all for Christ.
   Trusting that I have not exceeded the bounds of propriety
in the statements herein made by me,
                                        I remain most respectfully yours,
                                        Mary Baker Eddy
                                        Pleasant View, Concord, N. H.,
                                        May 16, 1907

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