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   Beloved Students: - Rest assured that your Leader is
living, loving, acting, enjoying.  She is neither dead nor
plucked up by the roots, but she is keenly alive to the
reality of living, and safely, soulfully founded upon
the rock, Christ Jesus, even the spiritual idea of Life,
with its abounding, increasing, advancing footsteps of
progress, primeval faith, hope, love.
   Like the verdure and evergreen that flourish when
trampled upon, the Christian Scientist thrives in adversity;
his is a life-lease of hope, home, heaven; his idea
is nearing the Way, the Truth, and the Life, when misrepresented,
belied, and trodden upon.  Justice, honesty,
cannot be abjured; their vitality involves Life, - calm,
irresistible, eternal.

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