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oston Globe]

   In a letter addressed to Christian Scientists the Rev.
Mary Baker Eddy explains that dropping the annual communion
service of The First Church of Christ, Scientist,
in Boston, need not debar distant members from attending
occasionally The Mother Church.  The following is
Mrs. Eddy's letter: -

   Beloved Christian Scientists: - Take courage.  God is
leading you onward and upward.  Relinquishing a material
form of communion advances it spiritually.
The material form is a "Suffer it to be so now," and
is abandoned so soon as God's Way-shower, Christ,
points the advanced step.  This instructs us how to
be abased and how to abound.
   Dropping the communion of The Mother Church
does not prevent its distant members from occasionally
attending this church.
                                        Mary Baker Eddy
                                        Chestnut Hill, Mass.,
                                        June 21, 1908

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