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   My Dear Editors: - You are by this time acquainted
with the small item that in October, 1897,
I proposed to one of Concord's best builders the plan for
Christian Science Hall in Concord, N. H.  He drew the
plan, showed it to me, and I accepted it.  From that
time, October 29, 1897, until the remodelling of the house
was finished, I inspected the work every day, suggested
the details outside and inside from the foundations to
the tower, and saw them carried out.  One day the carpenters'
foreman said to me: "I want to be let off for
a few days.  I do not feel able to keep about.  I am
feeling an old ailment my mother had."  I healed him
on the spot.  He remained at work, and the next morning
said to Mr. George H. Moore of Concord, "I am as
well as I ever was."
   Within the past year and two months, I have worked
even harder than usual, but I cannot go upon the platform
and still be at home attending to the machinery
which keeps the wheels revolving.  This well-known
fact makes me the servant of the race - and gladly
thus, if in this way I can serve equally my friends and
my enemies.

MY 146

   In explanation of my dedicatory letter to the Chicago
church (see page 177), I will say:  It is understood by all
Christians that Jesus spoke the truth.  He said: "They
shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly
thing, it shall not hurt them."  I believe this saying
because I understand it, but its verity has not been
acknowledged since the third century.
   The statement in my letter to the church in Chicago,
in substance as follows, has been quoted and criticized:
"If wisdom lengthens my sum of years to fourscore, I
may then be even younger than now."
   Few believe this saying.  Few believe that Christian
Science contains infinitely more than has been demonstrated,
or that the altitude of its highest propositions has
not yet been reached.  The heights of the great Nazarene's
sayings are not fully scaled.  Yet his immortal
words and my poor prophecy, if they are true at all, are
as true to-day as they will be to-morrow.  I am convinced
of the absolute truth of his sayings and of their present
application to mankind, and I am equally sure that what
I wrote is true, although it has not been demonstrated
in this age.
   Christian Scientists hold as a vital point that the beliefs
of mortals tip the scale of being, morally and physically,
either in the right or in the wrong direction.  Therefore
a Christian Scientist never mentally or audibly takes
the side of sin, disease, or death.  Others who take the
side of error do it ignorantly or maliciously.  The Christian
Scientist voices the harmonious and eternal, and
nothing else.  He lays his whole weight of thought,
tongue, and pen in the divine scale of being - for
health and holiness.

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