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   Friends and Brethren: - There are moments when at
the touch of memory the past comes forth like a pageant
and the present is prophetic.  Over a half century ago,
between the morning and afternoon services of the First
Congregational Church, the grand old elm on North State
Street flung its foliage in kindly shelter over my childhood's
Sunday noons.  And now, at this distant day, I
have provided for you a modest hall, in which to assemble
as a sort of Christian Science kindergarten for teaching
the "new tongue" of the gospel with "signs following,"
of which St. Mark prophesies.
   May this little sanctum be preserved sacred to the
memory of this pure purpose, and subserve it.  Let
the Bible and the Christian Science textbook preach the
gospel which heals the sick and enlightens the people's
sense of Christian Science.  This ministry, reaching the
physical, moral, and spiritual needs of humanity, will,
in the name of Almighty God, speak the truth that
to-day, as in olden time, is found able to heal both sin
and disease.
   I have purchased a pleasant place for you, and prepared
for your use work-rooms and a little hall, which are already
dedicated to Christ's service, since Christian Scientists
never stop ceremoniously to dedicate halls.  I shall be
with you personally very seldom.  I have a work to do
that, in the words of our Master, "ye know not of."
From the interior of Africa to the utmost parts of the earth,
the sick and the heavenly homesick or hungry hearts are
calling on me for help, and I am helping them.  You have
less need of me than have they, and you must not expect

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me further to do your pioneer work in this city.  Faithfully
and more than ever persistently, you are now, through
the providence of God, called to do your part wisely and
to let your faith be known by your works.  All that we
ask of any people is to judge our doctrine by its fruits.
May the good folk of Concord have this opportunity,
and may the God of all grace, truth, and love be and abide
with you henceforth.

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