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Subject: "Not Matter, but Spirit"

   My Beloved Brethren: - We learn from the Scriptures
that the Baalites or sun-worshippers failed to
look "through nature up to nature's God," thus missing
the discovery of all cause and effect.  They were content
to look no higher than the symbol.  This departure from
Spirit, this worshipping of matter in the name of nature,
was idolatry then and is idolatry now.  When human
thought discerned its idolatrous tendencies, it took a step

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higher; but it immediately turned to another form of
idolatry, and, worshipping person instead of Principle,
anchored its faith in troubled waters.  At that period,
the touch of Jesus' robe and the handkerchief of St.
Paul were supposed to heal the sick, and our Master
declared, "Thy faith hath made thee whole."  The
medicine-man, far lower in the scale of thought, said,
"My material tonic has strengthened you."  By reposing
faith in man and in matter, the human race has not
yet reached the understanding of God, the conception
of Spirit and its all-power.
   The restoration of pure Christianity rests solely on
spiritual understanding, spiritual worship, spiritual power.
Ask thyself, Do I enter by the door and worship only
Spirit and spiritually, or do I climb up some other way?
Do I understand God as Love, the divine Principle of all
that really is, the infinite good, than which there is none
else and in whom is all?  Unless this be so, the blind is
leading the blind, and both will stumble into doubt and
darkness, even as the ages have shown.  To-day, if ye
would hear His voice, listen to His Word and serve no
other gods.  Then the divine Principle of good, that we
call God, will be found an ever-present help in all things,
and Christian Science will be understood.  It will also be
seen that this God demands all our faith and love; that
matter, man, or woman can never heal you nor pardon a
single sin; while God, the divine Principle of nature and
man, when understood and demonstrated, is found to be
the remote, predisposing, and present cause of all that is
rightly done.
   I have the sweet satisfaction of sending to you weekly
flowers that my skilful florist has coaxed into loveliness

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despite our winter snows.  Also I hear that the loving
hearts and hands of the Christian Scientists in Concord
send these floral offerings in my name to the sick and
suffering.  Now, if these kind hearts will only do this in
Christ's name, the power of Truth and Love will fulfil the
law in righteousness.  The healing and the gospel ministry
of my students in Concord have come to fulfil the whole
law.  Unto "the angel of the church in Philadelphia,"
the church of brotherly love, "these things saith He
that is holy."
   To-day our great Master would say to the aged gentleman
healed from the day my flowers visited his bedside:
Thy faith hath healed thee.  The flowers were imbued
and associated with no intrinsic healing qualities from my
poor personality.  The scientific, healing faith is a saving
faith; it keeps steadfastly the great and first commandment,
"Thou shalt have no other gods before me" - no
other than the spiritual help of divine Love.  Faith in
aught else misguides the understanding, ignores the power
of God, and, in the words of St. Paul, appeals to an unknown
power "whom therefore ye ignorantly worship."
This trembling and blind faith, in the past as in the present,
seeks personality for support, unmindful of the divine law
of Love, which can be understood, the Principle of which

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