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works intelligently as the divine Mind, not as matter,
casting out evil and healing the sick.
   Christian Science healing is "the Spirit and the bride,"
- the Word and the wedding of this Word to all human
thought and action, - that says:  Come, and I will give
thee rest, peace, health, holiness.  The sweet flowers
should be to us His apostles, pointing away from matter
and man up to the one source, divine Life and Love, in

MY 154:
whom is all salvation from sin, disease, and death.  The
Science of all healing is based on Mind - the power of
Truth over error.  It is not the person who gives the
drug nor the drug itself that heals, but it is the law of
Life understood by the practitioner as transcending the
law of death.
   I shall scarcely venture to send flowers to this little hall
if they can be made to infringe the divine law of Love
even in thought.  Send flowers and all things fair and
comforting to the dear sick, but remember it is not he
who gives the flowers that confers the blessing, but
"my Spirit, saith the Lord;" for "in Him was life," and
that life "was the light of men."

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