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   My Beloved Brethren: - At this, your first annual
meeting, permit me to congratulate this little church in
our city, weaving the new-old vesture in which to appear
and to clothe the human race.  Carlyle wrote: "Wouldst
thou plant for eternity, then plant into the deep infinite
faculties of man."  "If the poor . . . toil that we have food,
must not the high and glorious toil for him in return, that
he have light, . . . freedom, immortality?"  I agree with
him; and in our era of the world I welcome the means and
methods, light and truth, emanating from the pulpit and
press.  Altogether it makes the church militant, embodied
in a visible communion, the foreshadowing of the church
triumphant.  Communing heart with heart, mind with
mind, soul with soul, wherein and whereby we are looking
heavenward, is not looking nor gravitating earthward,
take it in whatever sense you may.  Such communing

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uplifts man's being; it makes healing the sick and reforming
the sinner a mutual aid society, which is effective here
and now.
   May this dear little church, nestled so near my heart
and native hills, be steadfast in Christ, always abounding
in love and good works, having unfaltering faith in the
prophecies, promises, and proofs of Holy Writ.  May this
church have one God, one Christ, and that one the God and
Saviour whom the Scriptures declare.  May it catch the
early trumpet-call, take step with the twentieth century,
leave behind those things that are behind, lay down the
low laurels of vainglory, and, pressing forward in the onward
march of Truth, run in joy, health, holiness, the
race set before it, till, home at last, it finds the full fruition
of its faith, hope, and prayer.

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