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   Beloved Brethren: - This day drops down upon the
glories of summer; it is a glad day, in attune with faith's
fond trust.  We live in an age of Love's divine adventure
to be All-in-all.  This day is the natal hour of my
lone earth life; and for all mankind to-day hath its gloom
and glory:  it endureth all things; it points to the new
birth, heaven here, the struggle over; it profits by the
past and joys in the present - to-day lends a new-born
beauty to holiness, patience, charity, love.
   Having all faith in Christian Science, we must have
faith in whatever manifests love for God and man.  The
burden of proof that Christian Science is Science rests
on Christian Scientists.  The letter without the spirit
is dead:  it is the Spirit that heals the sick and the
sinner - that makes the heart tender, faithful, true.
Most men and women talk well, and some practise what
they say.
   God has blessed and will bless this dear band of brethren.
He has laid the chief corner-stone of the temple which
to-day you commemorate, to-morrow complete, and thereafter
dedicate to Truth and Love.  O may your temple
and all who worship therein stand through all time for
God and humanity!
                                        Mary Baker Eddy

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