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   Beloved Brethren: - Never more sweet than to-day,
seem to me, and must seem to thee, those words of
our loved Lord, "Lo, I am with you alway, even unto
the end."  Thus may it ever be that Christ rejoiceth
and comforteth us.  Sitting at his feet, I send to
you the throbbing of every pulse of my desire for the
ripening and rich fruit of this branch of his vine, and
I thank God who hath sent forth His word to heal
and to save.
   At this period, the greatest man or woman on earth
stands at the vestibule of Christian Science, struggling to
enter into the perfect love of God and man.  The infinite
will not be buried in the finite; the true thought escapes
from the inward to the outward, and this is the only
right activity, that whereby we reach our higher
nature.  Material theories tend to check spiritual attraction
- the tendency towards God, the infinite and
eternal - by an opposite attraction towards the temporary
and finite.  Truth, life, and love are the only
legitimate and eternal demands upon man; they are
spiritual laws enforcing obedience and punishing
   Even Epictetus, a heathen philosopher who held that
Zeus, the master of the gods, could not control human
will, writes, "What is the essence of God?  Mind."  The
general thought chiefly regards material things, and keeps

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Mind much out of sight.  The Christian, however, strives
for the spiritual; he abides in a right purpose, as in laws
which it were impious to transgress, and follows Truth
fearlessly.  The heart that beats mostly for self is seldom
alight with love.  To live so as to keep human consciousness
in constant relation with the divine, the spiritual, and
the eternal, is to individualize infinite power; and this is
Christian Science.
   It is of less importance that we receive from mankind
justice, than that we deserve it.  Most of us
willingly accept dead truisms which can be buried
at will; but a live truth, even though it be a sapling
within rich soil and with blossoms on its branches,
frightens people.  The trenchant truth that cuts its
way through iron and sod, most men avoid until
compelled to glance at it.  Then they open their
hearts to it for actual being, health, holiness, and
   I am asked, "Is there a hell?"  Yes, there is a hell for
all who persist in breaking the Golden Rule or in disobeying
the commandments of God.  Physical science
has sometimes argued that the internal fires of our earth
will eventually consume this planet.  Christian Science
shows that hidden unpunished sin is this internal fire, -
even the fire of a guilty conscience, waking to a true sense
of itself, and burning in torture until the sinner is consumed,
- his sins destroyed.  This may take millions of
cycles, but of the time no man knoweth.  The advanced
psychist knows that this hell is mental, not material, and
that the Christian has no part in it.  Only the makers of
hell burn in their fire.
   Concealed crimes, the wrongs done to others, are millstones

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hung around the necks of the wicked.  Christ Jesus
paid our debt and set us free by enabling us to pay it;
for which we are still his debtors, washing the Way-shower's
feet with tears of joy.
   The intentional destroyer of others would destroy himself
eternally, were it not that his suffering reforms him,
thus balancing his account with divine Love, which never
remits the sentence necessary to reclaim the sinner.

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