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   Dear Editor: - When I removed from Boston in 1889
and came to Concord, N. H., it was that I might find
retirement from many years of incessant labor for the
Cause of Christian Science, and the opportunity in Concord's
quiet to revise our textbook, "Science and Health
with Key to the Scriptures."  Here let me add that,
together with the retirement I so much coveted, I have
also received from the leading people of this pleasant city
all and more than I anticipated.  I love its people -
love their scholarship, friendship, and granite
character.  I respect their religious beliefs, and thank their
ancestors for helping to form mine.  The movement of
establishing in this city a church of our faith was far from

MY 164

my purpose, when I came here, knowing that such an
effort would involve a lessening of the retirement I so
much desired.  But the demand increased, and I consented,
hoping thereby to give to many in this city a
church home.

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