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thousand dollars, with which to furnish First Church of
Christ, Scientist, of Concord, N. H., with an organ, is
positive proof of your remembrance and love.  Days of
shade and shine may come and go, but we will live on and
never drift apart.  Life's ills are its chief recompense;
they develop hidden strength.  Had I never suffered for
The Mother Church, neither she nor I would be practising
the virtues that lie concealed in the smooth seasons and
calms of human existence.  When we are willing to help
and to be helped, divine aid is near.  If all our years were
holidays, sport would be more irksome than work.  So,
my dear ones, let us together sing the old-new song of
salvation, and let our measure of time and joy be spiritual,
not material.

To First Church of Christ, Scientist,
New London, Conn.

   Beloved Brethren: - I am for the first time informed of
your gift to me of a beautiful cabinet, costing one hundred
and seventy-five dollars, for my books, placed in my room
at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Concord, N. H.

MY 167

Accept my deep thanks therefor, and especially for the
self-sacrifice it may have cost the dear donors.
   The mysticism of good is unknown to the flesh, for
goodness is "the fruit of the Spirit."  The suppositional
world within us separates us from the spiritual world,
which is apart from matter, and unites us to one another.
Spirit teaches us to resign what we are not and to understand
what we are in the unity of Spirit - in that
Love which is faithful, an ever-present help in trouble,
which never deserts us.
   I pray that heaven's messages of "on earth peace, good
will toward men," may fill your hearts and leave their
loving benedictions upon your lives.

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