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   Beloved Students: - The new Concord church is so
nearly completed that I think you would enjoy seeing it.
Therefore I hereby invite all my church communicants
who attend this communion, to come to Concord, and
view this beautiful structure, at two o'clock in the afternoon,
Monday, June 13, 1904.
                                        Lovingly yours,
                                        Mary Baker Eddy
                                        Pleasant View, Concord, N. H.,
                                        June 11, 1904

The Day in Concord

   While on her regular afternoon drive Mrs. Eddy responded
graciously to the silent greetings of the people
who were assembled on the lawn of the Unitarian church
and of the high school.  Her carriage came to a standstill
on North State Street, and she was greeted in behalf
of the church by the President, Mr. E. P. Bates, to
whom she presented as a love-token for the church a
handsome rosewood casket beautifully bound with burnished
   The casket contained a gavel for the use of the

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President of The Mother Church.  The wood of the head
of the gavel was taken from the old Yale College Athenaeum,
the first chapel of the college.  It was built in
1761, and razed in 1893 to make room for Vanderbilt
Hall.  The wood in the handle was grown on the farm
of Mark Baker, father of the Rev. Mary Baker Eddy,
at Bow, N. H.
   In presenting this gavel to President Bates, Mrs. Eddy
spoke as follows to the members of her church, The First
Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, Mass.: -

   "My Beloved Brethren: - Permit me to present to you
a little gift that has no intrinsic value save that which it
represents - namely, a material symbol of my spiritual
call to this my beloved church of over thirty thousand
members; and this is that call:  In the words of our great
Master, 'Go ye into all the world,' 'heal the sick,' cast
out evil, disease, and death; 'Freely ye have received,
freely give.' You will please accept my thanks for your
kind, expert call on me."

   In reply Mr. Bates said, -

   "I accept this gift in behalf of the church, and for
myself and my successors in office."

   The box containing the gavel was opened the following
day in Boston at the annual meeting of The Mother
Church of Christ, Scientist, and the enclosed note from
Mrs. Eddy was read: -

   "My Beloved Brethren: - You will please accept
from me the accompanying gift as a simple token of

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