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   The following letter appeared in the Concord (N. H.)
newspapers after the visit of the Christian Scientists in
1904: -

   Dear Mr. Editor: - Allow me through your paper to
thank the citizens of Concord for the generous hospitality
extended yesterday to the members of my church,
The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston.
   After the Christian Science periodicals had given notice
that no preparations would be made for a large gathering
at this annual meeting of The Mother Church, I scarcely
supposed that a note, sent at the last moment, would bring
thousands here yesterday; but as many gifts had come
from Christian Scientists everywhere to help furnish and
beautify our new church building in Concord, it came to
me:  Why not invite those who attend the communion
in Boston to take a peep at this church edifice on the day
when there are no formal exercises at the denominational
headquarters?  The number of visitors, about four thousand,
exceeded my expectation, and my heart welcomed
each and all.  It was a glad day for me - sweet to observe
with what unanimity my fellow-citizens vied with each
other to make the Christian Scientists' short stay so
   Special thanks are due and are hereby tendered to his
Honor, the Mayor, for arranging the details and allowing
the visitors to assemble on the green surrounding the high
school; also to Mr. George D. Waldron, chairman of the
prudential committee of the Unitarian church, and to his
colaborers on said committee and to the church itself,
for their kindly foresight in granting permission, not only

MY 174

to use the beautiful lawn surrounding their church building,
but also for throwing open their doors for the comfort
and convenience of the Christian Scientists during
the day.  The wide-spreading elms and soft greensward
proved an ideal meeting place.  I greatly appreciate the
courtesy extended to my friends by the Wonolancet Club
in again opening their spacious club-house to them on this
occasion; and the courtesy of the efficient city marshal
and his staff of police extended to me throughout.  And
last but not least, I thank the distinguished editors in my
home city for their reports of the happy occasion.

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