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   Allow me to say to the good folk of Concord that the
growth and prosperity of our city cheer me.  Its dear
churches, reliable editors, intelligent medical faculty,
up-to-date academies, humane institutions, provisions for
the army, and well-conducted jail and state prison, - if,
indeed, such must remain with us a little longer, - speak
for themselves.  Our picturesque city, however, greatly
needs improved streets.  May I ask in behalf of the public
this favor of our city government; namely, to macadamize
a portion of Warren Street and to macadamize North
State Street throughout?
   Sweeter than the balm of Gilead, richer than the
diamonds of Golconda, dear as the friendship of those
we love, are justice, fraternity, and Christian charity.
The song of my soul must remain so long as I remain.
Let brotherly love continue.
   I am sure that the counterfeit letters in circulation,
purporting to have my signature, must fail to influence the
minds of this dear people to conclusions the very opposite
of my real sentiments.

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