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CHAPTER VIII: Dedicatory Messsages to Branch Churches
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CHAPTER VIII: Dedicatory Messsages to Branch Churches


   Beloved Brethren: - Most happily would I comply
with your cordial invitation and be with you on
so interesting an occasion as the dedication of First
Church of Christ, Scientist, in Chicago.  But daily duties
require attention elsewhere, and I am glad to say that
there seems to be no special need of my personal
presence at your religious jubilee.  I am quite able to take
the trip to your city, and if wisdom lengthens my sum
of years to fourscore (already imputed to me), I shall
then be even younger and nearer the eternal meridian
than now, for the true knowledge and proof of life is in
putting off the limitations and putting on the possibilities
and permanence of Life.
   In your renowned city, the genesis of Christian Science
was allied to that olden axiom: "The blood of the martyrs
is the seed of the Church;" but succeeding years show in
livid lines that the great Shepherd has nurtured and
nourished this church as a fatling of the flock.  To-day
the glory of His presence rests upon it, the joy of many
generations awaits it, and this prophecy of Isaiah is
fulfilled among you: "I will direct their work in truth,
and I will make an everlasting covenant with them."

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   Your Bible and your textbook, pastor and ethical
tenets, do not mislead the seeker after Truth.  These
unpretentious preachers cloud not the spiritual meaning
of Holy Writ by material interpretations, nor lose the
invincible process and purity of Christianity whereby
the sick are healed and sinners saved.  The Science of
Christianity is not generally understood, but it hastens
hourly to this end.  This Science is the essence of religion,
distilled in the laboratory of infinite Love and prepared
for all peoples.  And because Science is naturally divine,
is this natural Science less profitable or scientific than
"counting the legs of insects"?  The Scripture declares
that God is All.  Then all is Spirit and spiritual.  The
true sense of life is lost to those who regard being
as material.  The Scripture pronounces all that God
made "good;" therefore if evil exists, it exists without
God.  But this is impossible in reality, for He made
all "that was made."  Hence the inevitable revelation
of Christian Science - that evil is unreal; and this is
the best of it.
   On April 15, 1891, the Christian Science textbook lay
on a table in a burning building.  A Christian Scientist
entered the house through a window and snatched this
book from the flames.  Instantly the table sank a charred
mass.  The covers of the book were burned up, but not
one word in the book was effaced.  If the world were in
ashes, the contents of "Science and Health with Key to
the Scriptures" would remain immortal.
   It is said that the nearest approach to the sayings of
the great Master is the Logia of Papias, written in A. D.
145, and that all else reported as his sayings are
translations.  The ancient Logia, or imputed sayings of Jesus

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by Papias, are undoubtedly the beginning of the gospel
writings.  The synoptic Scriptures, as set forth in the
first and second chapters of Genesis, were in two distinct
manuscripts.  The first gave an account of the
spiritual creation, and the second was an opposite story,
or allegory, of a material universe and man made of
dust.  In this allegorical document the power and prerogative
of Spirit are submerged in matter.  In other

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