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CHAPTER VIII: Dedicatory Messsages to Branch Churches
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words, soul enters non-intelligent dust and man becomes
both good and evil, both mind and matter, mortal and
immortal, - all of which divine Science shows to be an
   The Old and the New Testaments contain self-evident
truths that cannot be lost, but being translations, the
Scriptures are criticized.  Some dangerous skepticism exists
as to the verification of our Master's sayings.  But
Christians and Christian Scientists know that if the Old
Testament and gospel narratives had never been written,
the nature of Christianity, as depicted in the life of our
Lord, and the truth in the Scriptures, are sufficient to authenticate
Christ's Christianity as the perfect ideal.  The
character of the Nazarene Prophet illustrates the Principle
and practice of a true divinity and humanity.  The
different renderings or translations of Scripture in no
wise affect Christian Science.  Christianity and Science,
being contingent on nothing written and based on the
divine Principle of being, must be, are, irrefutable and
   We are indeed privileged in having the untranslated
revelations of Christian Science.  They afford such expositions
of the therapeutics, ethics, and Christianity of
Christ as make even God demonstrable, the divine Love

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practical, and so furnish rules whereby man can prove
God's love, healing the sick and the sinner.
   Whosoever understands Christian Science knows beyond
a doubt that its life-giving truths were preached and
practised in the first century by him who proved their
practicality, who uttered Christ's Sermon on the Mount,
who taught his disciples the healing Christianity which
applies to all ages, and who dated time.  A spiritual
understanding of the Scriptures restores their original
tongue in the language of Spirit, that primordial
standard of Truth.
   Christian Science contains no element whatever of hypnotism
or animal magnetism.  It appeals alone to God, to
the divine Principle, or Life, Truth, and Love, to whom
all things are possible; and this Principle heals sin, sickness,
disease, and death.  Christian Science meets error
with Truth, death with Life, hate with Love, and thus,
and only thus, does it overcome evil and heal disease.
The obstinate sinner, however, refuses to see this grand
verity or to acknowledge it, for he knows not that in justice,
as well as in mercy, God is Love.
   In our struggles with sin and sinners, when we drop
compliance with their desires, insist on what we know is
right, and act accordingly, the disguised or the self-satisfied
mind, not ready to be uplifted, rebels, misconstrues
our best motives, and calls them unkind.  But this
is the cross.  Take it up, - it wins the crown; and in
the spirit of our great Exemplar pray: "Father, forgive
them; for they know not what they do."
   No warfare exists between divine theology and Christian
Science, for the latter solves the whence and why of the
cosmos and defines noumenon and phenomena spiritually,

MY 181

not materially.  The specific quest of Christian Science is
to settle all points beyond cavil, on the Biblical basis that
God is All-in-all; whereas philosophy and so-called natural
science, dealing with human hypotheses, or material cause
and effect, are aided only at long intervals with elementary
truths, and ultimate in unsolved problems and outgrown,
proofless positions.
   Progress is spiritual.  Progress is the maturing conception
of divine Love; it demonstrates the scientific, sinless
life of man and mortal's painless departure from matter
to Spirit, not through death, but through the true idea of
Life, - and Life not in matter but in Mind.

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