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CHAPTER VIII: Dedicatory Messsages to Branch Churches
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that is made in this place."  Your feast days will not be
in commemoration, but in recognition of His presence;
your ark of the covenant will not be brought out of the
city of David, but out of "the secret place of the most
High," whereof the Psalmist sang, even the omniscience
of omnipotence; your tabernacle of the congregation will
not be temporary, but a "house not made with hands,
eternal in the heavens;" your oracle, under the wings of
the cherubim, is Truth's evangel, enunciating, "God is
   In spirit I enter your inner sanctuary, your heart's
heart, breathing a benediction for God's largess.  He
surely will not shut me out from your presence, and the
ponderous walls of your grand cathedral cannot prevent
me from entering where the heart of a Southron has
welcomed me.
   Christian Science has a place in its court, in which, like
beds in hospitals, one man's head lies at another's feet.
As you work, the ages win; for the majesty of Christian
Science teaches the majesty of man.  When it is learned
that spiritual sense and not the material senses convey all
impressions to man, man will naturally seek the Science of
his spiritual nature, and finding it, be God-endowed for
   When divine Love gains admittance to a humble heart,
that individual ascends the scale of miracles and meets the

MY 189

warmest wish of men and angels.  Clad in invincible
armor, grasping the sword of Spirit, you have started in
this sublime ascent, and should reach the mount of revelation;
for if ye would run, who shall hinder you?  So dear,
so due, to God is obedience, that it reaches high heaven
in the common walks of life, and it affords even me a
perquisite of joy.
   You worship no distant deity, nor talk of unknown
love.  The silent prayers of our churches, resounding
through the dim corridors of time, go forth in waves of
sound, a diapason of heart-beats, vibrating from one
pulpit to another and from one heart to another, till
truth and love, commingling in one righteous prayer,
shall encircle and cement the human race.
   The government of divine Love derives its omnipotence
from the love it creates in the heart of man; for love is
allegiant, and there is no loyalty apart from love.  When
the human senses wake from their long slumber to see how
soon earth's fables flee and faith grows wearisome, then
that which defies decay and satisfies the immortal cravings
is sought and found.  In the twilight of the world's
pageantry, in the last-drawn sigh of a glory gone, we are
drawn towards God.
   Beloved brethren, I cannot forget that yours is the first
church edifice of our denomination erected in the sunny
South - once my home.  There my husband died, and
the song and the dirge, surging my being, gave expression
to a poem written in 1844, from which I copy this verse: -

       Friends, why throng in pity round me?
         Wherefore, pray, the bell did toll?
       Dead is he who loved me dearly:
         Am I not alone in soul?

MY 190

   Did that midnight shadow, falling upon the bridal
wreath, bring the recompense of human woe, which is the
merciful design of divine Love, and so help to evolve that
larger sympathy for suffering humanity which is emancipating
it with the morning beams and noonday glory of
Christian Science?
   The age is fast answering this question:  Does Christian
Science equal materia medica in healing the worst forms
of contagious and organic diseases?  My experience in

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