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CHAPTER VIII: Dedicatory Messsages to Branch Churches
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we worship, be and abide with you.  May the blessing of
divine Love rest with you.  My heart hovers around your
churches in Chicago, for the dove of peace sits smilingly
on these branches and sings of our Redeemer.


   Beloved Students: - Your kind letter, inviting me to
be present at the dedication of your church, was duly
received.  It would indeed give me pleasure to visit you,
to witness your prosperity, and "rejoice with them that
do rejoice," but the constant recurring demands upon
my time and attention pin me to my post.  Of this,
however, I can sing:  My love can fly on wings of joy to
you and leave a leaf of olive; it can whisper to you of
the divine ever-presence, answering your prayers, crowning
your endeavors, and building for you a house "eternal
in the heavens."

MY 193:
   You will dedicate your temple in faith unfeigned, not to
the unknown God, but unto Him whom to know aright
is life everlasting.  His presence with you will bring to
your hearts so much of heaven that you will not feel my
absence.  The privilege remains mine to watch and work
for all, from East to West, from the greensward and
gorgeous skies of the Orient to your dazzling glory
in the Occident, and to thank God forever "for His
goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children
of men."

  Pleasant View, Concord, N. H.,
  November 20, 1902


   Beloved: - The spiritual dominates the temporal.  Love
gives nothing to take away.  Nothing dethrones His
house.  You are dedicating yours to Him.  Protesting
against error, you unite with all who believe in Truth.
God guard and guide you.


   Beloved Brethren: - Carlyle writes, "Give a thing time;
if it succeeds, it is a right thing."  Here I aver that you
have grasped time and labor, taking the first by the fore-lock
and the last by love.  In this lofty temple, dedicated
to God and humanity, may the prophecy of Isaiah be
fulfilled: "Fear not: . . . I have called thee by thy
name; thou art mine."  Within its sacred walls may

MY 194

song and sermon generate only that which Christianity
writes in broad facts over great continents - sermons
that fell forests and remove mountains, songs of joy
and gladness.
   The letter of your work dies, as do all things material,
but the spirit of it is immortal.  Remember that a temple
but foreshadows the idea of God, the "house not made
with hands, eternal in the heavens," while a silent, grand
man or woman, healing sickness and destroying sin,
builds that which reaches heaven.  Only those men and
women gain greatness who gain themselves in a complete
subordination of self.
   The tender memorial engraven on your grand edifice
stands for human self lost in divine light, melted into the
radiance of His likeness.  It stands for meekness and
might, for Truth as attested by the Founder of your
denomination and emblazoned on the fair escutcheon of
your church.

   Beloved Students: - Your telegram, in which you present
to me the princely gift of your magnificent church
edifice in New York City, is an unexpected token of your
gratitude and love.  I deeply appreciate it, profoundly
thank you for it, and gratefully accept the spirit of it;
but I must decline to receive that for which you have
sacrificed so much and labored so long.  May divine
Love abundantly bless you, reward you according to

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