Books by Mary Baker Eddy

CHAPTER IX: Letters to Branch Churches
page 674

   You whose labors are doing so much to benefit mankind
will not be impatient if you have not accomplished all you

MY 204

desire, nor will you be long in doing more.  My faith in
God and in His followers rests in the fact that He is infinite
good, and that He gives His followers opportunity to use
their hidden virtues, to put into practice the power which
lies concealed in the calm and which storms awaken to
vigor and to victory.
   It is only by looking heavenward that mutual friendships
such as ours can begin and never end.  Over sea
and over land, Christian Science unites its true followers
in one Principle, divine Love, that sacred ave and essence
of Soul which makes them one in Christ.


  In Reply to a Letter Announcing the Purpose of the
  Christian Scientists to Practise without Fees in
  Compliance with the State Laws

   Beloved Brethren: - I congratulate you tenderly on the
decision you have made as to the present practice of
Christian Science in your State, and thoroughly recommend
it under the circumstances.  I practised gratuitously
when starting this great Cause, which was then the
scoff of the age.
   The too long treatment of a disease, the charging of
the sick whom you have not healed a full fee for treatment,
the suing for payment, hypnotism, and the resenting
of injuries, are not the fruits of Christian Science,
while returning good for evil, loving one's enemies, and
overcoming evil with good, - these are its fruits;
and its therapeutics, based as aforetime on this divine
Principle, heals all disease.

MY 205

   We read in the Scriptures: "There is therefore now no
condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk
not after the flesh, but after the Spirit."  "Stand fast
therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us
free."  "Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless
as doves."
   Wisdom is won through faith, prayer, experience; and
God is the giver.

       "God moves in a mysterious way
         His wonders to perform;
       He plants His footsteps in the sea
         And rides upon the storm."


   Beloved Brethren: - Love and unity are hieroglyphs of
goodness, and their philosophical impetus, spiritual
Aesculapius and Hygeia, saith, "As the thought is, so is the
deed; as the thing made is good or bad, so is its maker."
This idealism connects itself with spiritual understanding,
and so makes God more supreme in consciousness, man
more His likeness, friends more faithful, and enemies
harmless.  Scholastic theology at its best touches but the
hem of Christian Science, shorn of all personality, wholly
apart from human hypotheses, matter, creed and dogma,
the lust of the flesh and the pride of power.  Christian
Science is the full idea of its divine Principle, God; it is
forever based on Love, and it is demonstrated by perfect
rules; it is unerring.  Hence health, holiness, immortality,
are its natural effects.  The practitioner may fail, but the
Science never.

MY 206

   Philosophical links, which would unite dead matter
with animate, Spirit with matter and material
means, prayer with power and pride of position, hinder
the divine influx and lose Science, - lose the Principle
of divine metaphysics and the tender grace of spiritual
understanding, that love-linked holiness which heals

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