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   Certain individuals entertain the notion that Christian
Science Mind-healing should be two-sided, and only
denounce error in general, - saying nothing, in particular,

MY 211

of error that is damning men.  They are sticklers
for a false, convenient peace, straining at gnats and
swallowing camels.  The unseen wrong to individuals
and society they are too cowardly, too ignorant, or too
wicked to uncover, and excuse themselves by denying
that this evil exists.  This mistaken way, of hiding sin
in order to maintain harmony, has licensed evil, allowing
it first to smoulder, and then break out in devouring
flames.  All that error asks is to be let alone; even as
in Jesus' time the unclean spirits cried out, "Let us
alone; what have we to do with thee?"
   Animal magnetism, in its ascending steps of evil,
entices its victim by unseen, silent arguments.  Reversing
the modes of good, in their silent allurements to
health and holiness, it impels mortal mind into error of
thought, and tempts into the committal of acts foreign
to the natural inclinations.  The victims lose their
individuality, and lend themselves as willing tools to
carry out the designs of their worst enemies, even those
who would induce their self-destruction.  Animal magnetism
fosters suspicious distrust where honor is due, fear
where courage should be strongest, reliance where there
should be avoidance, a belief in safety where there is
most danger; and these miserable lies, poured constantly
into his mind, fret and confuse it, spoiling that individual's
disposition, undermining his health, and sealing
his doom, unless the cause of the mischief is found out
and destroyed.
   Other minds are made dormant by it, and the victim
is in a state of semi-individuality, with a mental haziness
which admits of no intellectual culture or spiritual
growth.  The state induced by this secret evil influence

MY 212

is a species of intoxication, in which the victim is led to
believe and do what he would never, otherwise, think
or do voluntarily.
   This intricate method of animal magnetism is the
essence, or spirit, of evil, which makes mankind drunken.
In this era it is taking the place of older and more open
sins, and other forms of intoxication.  A harder fight
will be necessary to expose the cause and effects of
this evil influence, than has been required to put down
the evil effects of alcohol.  The alcoholic habit is the
use of higher forms of matter, wherewith to do evil;
whereas animal magnetism is the highest form of mental
evil, wherewith to complete the sum total of sin.
   The question is often asked, Why is there so much
dissension among mental practitioners?  We answer,
Because they do not practise in strict accordance with
the teaching of Christian Science Mind-healing.  If they
did, there would be unity of action.  Being like the
disciples of old, "with one accord in one place," they
would receive a spiritual influx impossible under other
conditions, and so would recognize and resist the
animal magnetism by which they are being deceived
and misled.
   The mental malpractitioner, interfering with the
rights of Mind, destroys the true sense of Science, and
loses his own power to heal.  He tries to compensate
himself for his own loss by hindering in every way conceivable
the success of others.  You will find this practitioner
saying that animal magnetism never troubles
him, but that Mrs. Eddy teaches animal magnetism;
and he says this to cover his crime of mental malpractice,

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