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   My Beloved Children: - Tenderly thanking you for
your sweet industry and love on behalf of the room
of the Pastor Emeritus in The First Church of Christ,
Scientist, Boston, I say:  The purpose of God to you-ward
indicates another field of work which I present to
your thought, work by which you can do much good and
which is adapted to your present unfolding capacity.  I
request that from this date you disband as a society,
drop the insignia of "Busy Bees," work in your own several
localities, and no longer contribute to The Mother
Church flower fund.
   As you grow older, advance in the knowledge of self-support,
and see the need of self-culture, it is to be expected
you will feel more than at present that charity begins at
home, and that you will want money for your own uses.
Contemplating these important wants, I see that you
should begin now to earn for a purpose even higher, the

MY 217

money that you expend for flowers.  You will want it for
academics, for your own school education, or, if need be,
to help your parents, brothers, or sisters.
   Further to encourage your early, generous incentive
for action, and to reward your hitherto unselfish toil, I
have deeded in trust to The Mother Church of Christ,
Scientist, in Boston, the sum of four thousand dollars
to be invested in safe municipal bonds for my dear children
contributors to the room of the Pastor Emeritus.
This sum is to remain on interest till it is disbursed in
equal shares to each contributor.  This disbursal will
take place when the contributors shall have arrived at
legal age, and each contributor will receive his dividend
with interest thereon up to date, provided he has
complied with my request as above named.

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