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   A fad of belief is the fool of mesmerism.  The belief
that an individual can either teach or heal by proxy is a
false faith that will end bitterly.  My published works are
teachers and healers.  My private life is given to a servitude
the fruit of which all mankind may share.  Such
labor is impartial, meted out to one no more than to
another.  Therefore an individual should not enter the
Massachusetts Metaphysical College with the expectation
of receiving instruction from me, other than that

MY 219

which my books afford, unless I am personally present.
Nor should patients anticipate being helped by me through
some favored student.  Such practice would be erroneous,
and such an anticipation on the part of the sick a
hindrance rather than help.
   My good students have all the honor of their success
in teaching or in healing.  I by no means would pluck
their plumes.  Human power is most properly used in
preventing the occasion for its use; otherwise its use
is abuse.

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