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   To say that it is sin to ride to church on an electric
car, would not be more preposterous than to believe
that man's Maker is not equal to the destruction of disease
germs.  Christ, Truth, the ever-present spiritual idea,
who raises the dead, is equal to the giving of life and health
to man and to the healing, as aforetime, of all manner of
diseases.  I would not charge Christians with doubting
the Bible record of our great Master's life of healing, since
Christianity must be predicated of what Christ Jesus
taught and did; but I do say that Christian Science cannot
annul nor make void the laws of the land, since Christ,
the great demonstrator of Christian Science, said, "Think
not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets:
I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil."
   I have expressed my opinion publicly as to the precautions
against the spread of so-called infectious and
contagious diseases in the following words: -
   "Rather than quarrel over vaccination, I recommend, if
the law demand, that an individual submit to this process,
that he obey the law, and then appeal to the gospel to

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save him from bad physical results.  Whatever changes
come to this century or to any epoch, we may safely
submit to the providence of God, to common justice, to
the maintenance of individual rights, and to governmental
usages.  This statement should be so interpreted
as to apply, on the basis of Christian Science, to the
reporting of a contagious case to the proper authorities
when the law so requires.  When Jesus was questioned
concerning obedience to human law, he replied: 'Render
to Caesar the things that are Caesar's,' even while you
render 'to God the things that are God's.' "
   I believe in obeying the laws of the land.  I practise and
teach this obedience, since justice is the moral signification
of law.  Injustice denotes the absence of law.  Each day
I pray for the pacification of all national difficulties, for
the brotherhood of man, for the end of idolatry and
infidelity, and for the growth and establishment of
Christian religion - Christ's Christianity.  I also have
faith that my prayer availeth, and that He who is
overturning will overturn until He whose right it is shall
reign.  Each day I pray: "God bless my enemies; make
them Thy friends; give them to know the joy and the
peace of love."
   Past, present, or future philosophy or religion, which
departs from the instructions and example of the great
Galilean Prophet, cannot be Christlike.  Jesus obeyed
human laws and fell a victim to those laws.  But nineteen
centuries have greatly improved human nature and
human statutes.  That the innocent should suffer for the
guilty, seems less divine, and that humanity should share
alike liberty of conscience, seems more divine to-day than
it did yesterday.

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   The earthly price of spirituality in religion and medicine
in a material age is persecution, and the moral distance
between Christianity and materialism precludes Jesus'
doctrine, now as then, from finding favor with certain
purely human views.  The prophets of old looked for
something higher than the systems and practices of their
times.  They foresaw the new dispensation of Truth
and the demonstration of God in His more infinite
meanings, - the demonstration which was to destroy sin,
disease, and death, establish the definition of omnipotence,
and illustrate the Science of Mind.  Earth has not known
another so great and good as Christ Jesus.  Then can

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