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   I hereby notify the public that no comers are received
at Pleasant View without previous appointment by letter.
Also that I neither listen to complaints, read letters, nor
dictate replies to letters which pertain to church difficulties
outside of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist,
or to any class of individual discords.  Letters from the
sick are not read by me or by my secretaries.  They
should be sent to the Christian Science practitioners
whose cards are in The Christian Science Journal.

   Letters and despatches from individuals with whom I
have no acquaintance and of whom I have no knowledge,
containing questions about secular affairs, I do
not answer.  First, because I have not sufficient time to
waste on them; second, because I do not consider myself
capable of instructing persons in regard to that of which
I know nothing.  All such questions are superinduced by
wrong motives or by "evil suggestions," either of which
I do not entertain.

   All inquiries, coming directly or indirectly from a
member of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, which
relate in any manner to the keeping or the breaking
of one of the Church By-laws, should be addressed to
the Christian Science Board of Directors and not to the
Pastor Emeritus.

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