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   The hour is imminent.  Upon it lie burdens that
time will remove.  Just now divine Love and wisdom
saith, "Be still, and know that I am God."  Do all Christian

MY 224

Scientists see or understand the importance of that
demand at the moment, when human wisdom is inadequate
to meet the exigencies of the hour and when they
should wait on the logic of events?
   I respectfully call your attention to this demand, knowing
a little, as I ought, the human need, the divine command,
the blessing which follows obedience and the bane
which follows disobedience.  Hurried conclusions as to
the public thought are not apt to be correctly drawn.  The
public sentiment is helpful or dangerous only in proportion
to its right or its wrong concept, and the forward footsteps
it impels or the prejudice it instils.  This prejudice the
future must disclose and dispel.  Avoid for the immediate
present public debating clubs.  Also be sure that you are
not caught in some author's net, or made blind to his
loss of the Golden Rule, of which Christian Science is the
predicate and postulate, when he borrows the thoughts,
words, and classification of one author without quotationmarks,
at the same time giving full credit to another more
fashionable but less correct.
   My books state Christian Science correctly.  They may
not be as taking to those ignorant of this Science as
books less correct and therefore less profound.  But it is
not safe to accept the latter as standards.  We would not
deny their authors a hearing, since the Scripture declares,
"He that is not against us is on our part."  And we should
also speak in loving terms of their efforts, but we cannot
afford to recommend any literature as wholly Christian
Science which is not absolutely genuine.
   Beloved students, just now let us adopt the classic
saying, "They also serve who only stand and wait."
Our Cause is growing apace under the present persecution

MY 225

thereof.  This is a crucial hour, in which the coward and
the hypocrite come to the surface to pass off, while the
loyal at heart and the worker in the spirit of Truth are
rising to the zenith of success, - the "Well done, good
and faithful," spoken by our Master.

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