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   Do Christian Scientists love God as much as they love
mankind?  Aye, that's the question.  Let us examine it
for ourselves.  Thinking of person implies that one is not

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thinking of Principle, and fifty telegrams per holiday signalize
the thinking of person.  Are the holidays blest by
absorbing one's time writing or reading congratulations?
I cannot watch and pray while reading telegrams; they
only cloud the clear sky, and they give the appearance of
personal worship which Christian Science annuls.  Did
the dear students know how much I love them, and how
I need every hour wherein to express this love in labor
for them, they would gladly give me the holidays for this
work and not task themselves with mistaken means.
But God will reward their kind motives, and guide them
every step of the way from human affection to spiritual
understanding, from faith to achievement, from light to
Love, from sense to Soul.

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