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   My Beloved Christian Scientists: - Because I suggested
the name for one central Reading Room, and this name
continues to be multiplied, you will permit me to make
the amende honorable - notwithstanding "incompetence"
- and to say, please adopt generally for your name,
Christian Science Reading Room.  An old axiom says:
Too much of one thing spoils the whole.  Too many
centres may become equivalent to no centre.
   Here I have the joy of knowing that Christian Scientists
will exchange the present name for the one which I suggest,
with the sweet alacrity and uniformity with which
they accepted the first name.
   Merely this appellative seals the question of unity, and
opens wide on the amplitude of liberty and love a far-reaching
motive and success, of which we can say, the
more the better.
                                        Pleasant View, Concord, N. H.,
                                        July 8, 1907

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