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   I request the Christian Scientists universally to read
the paragraph beginning at line 30 of page 442 in the
edition of Science and Health which will be issued February
29 908].  I consider the information there given to
be of great importance at this stage of the workings of
animal magnetism, and it will greatly aid the students in
their individual experiences.

MY 237

   The contemplated reference in Science and Health to
the "higher criticism" announced in the Sentinel a few
weeks ago, I have since decided not to publish.


   What I wrote on Christian Science some twenty-five
years ago I do not consider a precedent for a present
student of this Science.  The best mathematician has
not attained the full understanding of the principle
thereof, in his earliest studies or discoveries.  Hence, it
were wise to accept only my teachings that I know to
be correct and adapted to the present demand.


   To Christian Scientists: - See Science and Health, page
442, line 30, and give daily attention thereto.

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