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   The Massachusetts Metaphysical College of Boston,
Massachusetts, was chartered A. D. 1881.  As the people
observed the success of this Christian system of healing

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all manner of disease, over and above the approved
schools of medicine, they became deeply interested
in it.  Now the wide demand for this universal benefice
is imperative, and it should be met as heretofore,
cautiously, systematically, scientifically.  This Christian
educational system is established on a broad and
liberal basis.  Law and order characterize its work
and secure a thorough preparation of the student for
   The growth of human inquiry and the increasing popularity
of Christian Science, I regret to say, have called
out of their hiding-places those poisonous reptiles and devouring
beasts, superstition and jealousy.  Towards the
animal elements manifested in ignorance, persecution,
and lean glory, and to their Babel of confusion worse
confounded, let Christian Scientists be charitable.  Let
the voice of Truth and Love be heard above the dire
din of mortal nothingness, and the majestic march of
Christian Science go on ad infinitum, praising God,
doing the works of primitive Christianity, and enlightening
the world.
   To protect the public, students of the Massachusetts
Metaphysical College have received certificates, and these
credentials are still required of all who claim to teach
Christian Science.
   Inquiries have been made as to the precise signification
of the letters of degrees that follow the names of
Christian Scientists.  They indicate, respectively, the
degrees of Bachelor and Doctor of Christian Science,
conferred by the President or Vice-President of the
Massachusetts Metaphysical College.  The first degree
(C.S.B.) is given to students of the Primary class;  the

MY 246

second degree (C.S.D.) is given to those who, after
receiving the first degree, continue for three years as
practitioners of Christian Science in good and regular
   Students who enter the Massachusetts Metaphysical
College, or are examined under its auspices by
the Board of Education, must be well educated and
have practised Christian Science three years with good

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