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   In the year 1889, to gain a higher hope for the race, I
closed my College in the midst of unprecedented prosperity,
left Boston, and sought in solitude and silence a
higher understanding of the absolute scientific unity which
must exist between the teaching and letter of Christianity
and the spirit of Christianity, dwelling forever in the
divine Mind or Principle of man's being and revealed
through the human character.
   While revising "Science and Health with Key to the
Scriptures," the light and might of the divine concurrence
of the spirit and the Word appeared, and the
result is an auxiliary to the College called the Board of
Education of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist,
in Boston, Mass.
   Our Master said: "What I do thou knowest not now;
but thou shalt know hereafter;" and the spirit of his
mission, the wisdom of his words, and the immortality
of his works are the same to-day as yesterday and
   The Magna Charta of Christian Science means much,

MY 247

multum in parvo, - all-in-one and one-in-all.  It stands
for the inalienable, universal rights of men.  Essentially
democratic, its government is administered by the
common consent of the governed, wherein and whereby
man governed by his creator is self-governed.  The
church is the mouthpiece of Christian Science, - its
law and gospel are according to Christ Jesus; its rules
are health, holiness, and immortality, - equal rights and
privileges, equality of the sexes, rotation in office.

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