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   Beloved Students: - The By-law of The Mother
Church of Christ, Scientist, stipulating three years as
the term for its Readers, neither binds nor compels the
branch churches to follow suit; and the By-law applies
only to Christian Science churches in the United States
and Canada.  Doubtless the churches adopting this
By-law will discriminate as regards its adaptability to
their conditions.  But if now is not the time, the branch
churches can wait for the favored moment to act on this
   I rest peacefully in knowing that the impulsion of this
action in The Mother Church was from above.  So I have
faith that whatever is done in this direction by the branch
churches will be blest.  The Readers who have filled this
sacred office many years, have beyond it duties and

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attainments beckoning them.  What these are I cannot
yet say.  The great Master saith: "What I do thou
knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter."

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