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   Dear Leader: - May we have permission to print, as
a part of the preamble to our By-laws, the following
extract from your article "Christian Science Board of
Education" in the June Journal of 1904, page 184: -

   "The Magna Charta of Christian Science means
much, multum in parvo, - all-in-one and one-in-all.  It
stands for the inalienable, universal rights of men.
Essentially democratic, its government is administered
by the common consent of the governed, wherein and
whereby man governed by his creator is self-governed.
The church is the mouthpiece of Christian Science,
- its law and gospel are according to Christ Jesus;

MY 255

its rules are health, holiness, and immortality, - equal
rights and privileges, equality of the sexes, rotation
in office."

Mrs. Eddy's Reply

   Christian Science churches have my consent to publish
the foregoing in their By-laws.  By "rotation in office"
I do not mean that minor officers who are filling their
positions satisfactorily should be removed every three
years, or be elevated to offices for which they are not

  Chestnut Hill, Mass.,
  March 6, 1909

MY 256

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