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   Again loved Christmas is here, full of divine benedictions
and crowned with the dearest memories in human
history - the earthly advent and nativity of our Lord
and Master.  At this happy season the veil of time
springs aside at the touch of Love.  We count our blessings
and see whence they came and whither they tend.
Parents call home their loved ones, the Yule-fires burn,
the festive boards are spread, the gifts glow in the dark

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green branches of the Christmas-tree.  But alas for the
broken household band!  God give to them more of
His dear love that heals the wounded heart.
   To-day the watchful shepherd shouts his welcome over
the new cradle of an old truth.  This truth has traversed
night, through gloom to glory, from cradle to crown.  To
the awakened consciousness, the Bethlehem babe has left
his swaddling-clothes (material environments) for the
form and comeliness of the divine ideal, which has passed
from a corporeal to the spiritual sense of Christ and is
winning the heart of humanity with ineffable tenderness.
The Christ is speaking for himself and for his mother,
Christ's heavenly origin and aim.  To-day the Christ is,
more than ever before, "the way, the truth, and the
life," - "which lighteth every man that cometh into the
world," healing all sorrow, sickness, and sin.  To this
auspicious Christmastide, which hallows the close of the
nineteenth century, our hearts are kneeling humbly.  We
own his grace, reviving and healing.  At this immortal
hour, all human hate, pride, greed, lust should bow and
declare Christ's power, and the reign of Truth and Life
divine should make man's being pure and blest.

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