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oncord (N. H.) Monitor, July, 1902]

   Your article on the decrease of students in the seminaries
and the consequent vacancies occurring in the
pulpits, points unmistakably to the "signs of the times"
of which Jesus spoke.  This flux and flow in one direction,
so generally apparent, tends in one ultimate - the
final spiritualization of all things, of all codes, modes,
hypotheses, of man and the universe.  How can it be
otherwise, since God is Spirit and the origin of all that
really is, and since this great fact is to be verified by the
spiritualization of all?
   Since 1877, these special "signs of the times" have increased
year by year.  My book, "Science and Health
with Key to the Scriptures," was published in 1875.
Note, if you please, that many points in theology and
materia medica, at that date undisturbed, are now agitated,
modified, and disappearing, and the more spiritual modes
and significations are adopted.
   It is undoubtedly true that Christian Science is destined

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to become the one and the only religion and therapeutics
on this planet.  And why not, since Christianity is fully
demonstrated to be divine Science?  Nothing can be correct
and continue forever which is not divinely scientific,
for Science is the law of the Mind that is God, who is
the originator of all that really is.  The Scripture reads:
"All things were made by Him; and without Him was
not any thing made that was made."  Here let us remember
that God is not the Alpha and Omega of man
and the universe; He is supreme, infinite, the great forever,
the eternal Mind that hath no beginning and no
end, no Alpha and no Omega.

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