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ew York American, February, 1905]

   Is heaven spiritual?
   Heaven is spiritual.  Heaven is harmony, - infinite,
boundless bliss.  The dying or the departed enter heaven
in proportion to their progress, in proportion to their fitness
to partake of the quality and the quantity of heaven.
One individual may first awaken from his dream of life
in matter with a sense of music; another with that of
relief from fear or suffering, and still another with a bitter
sense of lost opportunities and remorse.  Heaven is
the reign of divine Science.  Material thought tends to
obscure spiritual understanding, to darken the true conception
of man's divine Principle, Love, wherein and
whereby soul is emancipate and environed with everlasting
Life.  Our great Teacher hath said: "Behold, the
kingdom of God is within you" - within man's spiritual
understanding of all the divine modes, means, forms, expression,
and manifestation of goodness and happiness.

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