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The Evening Press, Grand Rapids, Mich., August, 1907
   In a modest, pleasantly situated home in the city of
Concord, N. H., lives at eighty-six years of age the most
discussed woman in all the world.  This lady with sweet
smile and snowy hair is Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy, Founder
and Leader of Christian Science, beloved of thousands
of believers and followers of the thought that has made
her famous.  It was to this aged woman of world-wide
renown that the editor of The Evening Press addressed
this question, requesting the courtesy of a reply: -
   "What is nearest and dearest to your heart to-day?"
   Mrs. Eddy's reply will be read with deep interest by all
Americans, who, whatever their religious beliefs, cannot
fail to be impressed by the personality of this remarkable

Mrs. Eddy's Answer

   Editor of The Evening Press: - To your courtesy and
to your question permit me to say that, insomuch as I
know myself, what is "nearest and dearest" to my heart

MY 272

is an honest man or woman - one who steadfastly and
actively strives for perfection, one who leavens the loaf
of life with justice, mercy, truth, and love.
   Goodness is greatness, and the logic of events pushes
onward the centuries; hence the Scripture, "The law of
the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me an] free
from the law of sin and death."
   This predicate and ultimate of scientific being presents,
however, no claim that man is equal to God, for the finite
is not the altitude of the infinite.
   The real man was, is, and ever shall be the divine ideal,
that is, God's image and likeness; and Christian Science
reveals the divine Principle, the example, the rule, and
the demonstration of this idealism.
                                        Sincerely yours,
                                        Mary Baker Eddy
                                        Pleasant View, Concord, N. H.

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